Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why Demo?

Why did we demo the house?  Many reasons - 
It was paid for several years ago, so it saved us buying a piece of property.
We like the lot and the location, but we've outgrown it.  Garrett had a makeshift "bedroom" in the basement, but no bathroom there.
The family room and front room were way too narrow.
It needed work, like a new roof to start with.
I had originally suggested adding to it, but DH was tired of the old, used brick and wanted to start new - how can I argue with that?!

We had some wonderful times and memories there, with lots of pictures to prove it!  The gmen were only six months old when we moved in, hard to believe they'll be 16 next month.  

I was the only one of the family that watched it come down, I took pictures and recorded it for DH and the boys.  My best friend growing up, Tara, was sweet enough to come and join me to keep me company.  My wonderful neighbour, Margo, joined us for a little bit too.  It was exciting, but scary and sad at the same time.  It didn't really hit me until that evening after I got home.  I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained.  I didn't think it would hit me that hard, but it did.  DH and the boys?  Destruction, they were excited!  

My girlfriend, Kari, wrote this beautifully - 
"Just think of all the new memories you will make in your brand new home! :)  And also you must remember that your home is wherever Paul and your 3 boys are... the old home although having lots of wonderful memories for you is only the shell that you and your family made those memories in.  I know it is emotional and of course you have the emotional connections to the old house, but just try to remember this time is just a stepping stone for the next wonderful memories that will be made!  Love you!"
Thank you, dear Kari, I really needed that.

As of Tuesday, we finally received our building permit!

If you'd like to follow our journey, please let me know so I can send you an invite to a private "blog". 


Michele Hebson said...

I was wondering we know. It's never easy to make a decision like that but when it's the best thing to do, that's just what you gotta do. HUGS...the emotions after must have been a whirlwind for you after it was all said and done. BUT What a grand adventure. I have a there going to be an awesome 'hideaway' for you and all your dragons and stitching? ;D

I'd actually love to follow this through with you. I'd like to be on the support committee LOL

Julie said...

What a wonderful adventure you are embarking on.
Wise words from your lovely friend.
Happy times ahead... enjoy!

Vickie said...

Wow! I am glad you had your friends and family to comfort you, because I understand the emotions. How exciting for you all!

Linda said...

How wonderful for you and your family Astrid. I would love to follow the progress.


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I know, I know, home is where is your family is. But we become connected with the places we live in. I know how sad it is to say good bye...and look forward to something new at the same time. Best of luck with the build!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I know you've been waiting for this moment for some time but it must be emotional now it is finally here! Please send me an invite to the house building blog. I love a bit of Property Porn LOL

DJ said...

*Hugs* I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you while you celebrated your past experiences in your house...It will be exciting to see your new house being "born". Can't wait to see it's progress!

samantha amini said...

Think of all the new memories you will soon be making in your new home. Please can I get an invite to your home blog. New follower via bloglovin.