Saturday, 29 March 2014

Special Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I was invited to a very special birthday weekend with a wonderful friend of mine.  She was turning a magic number and invited 13 of her friends, all the way from grade school, college, work, and through having children.  I fell into the having children group, her son and the gmen went to day care/preschool together.

Here we are crossing over the Bay Bridge.

The beach was just a block away from the house - it was beautiful!

We were far enough away from the boardwalk that "our" beach was pretty empty except for some birds.

This is looking at the house from the beach.

Her awesome husband rented the "Purple House" in Bethany Beach for us to stay in, Friday to Sunday.  It was fantastic!

On Saturday morning, she arranged for a class from a personal trainer.  I know I should have joined in, but then who would have taken the pictures?!



Finishing - they did it!

Cute dogs playing in the freezing cold water!  I know it's freezing because I actually walked in there barefoot.

I didn't know anyone except the birthday girl, so I was thrilled to meet, ride with, and room with, a fellow crafter!  She likes to knit and she looked online and found a knitting/stitching store in Bethany.  I knew there was one in Ocean City, but thrilled to find one here.
 She found a beautiful pattern and yarn to knit a sweater, and I found some stitching.

I really hope I don't have this one already, but I love it!

I don't think I've ever seen this one before, this is great.  I love the fabric and I'm hoping I can still find it.

Then I found this for $1, perfect for Halloween!

Here is the piece I finally finished for her, I had everyone sign it instead of stitching their names.  On the sides are the two kinds of wine she likes, but she needs to have a glass or two first in order to actually read them!  It's the only way I could fit them in.
I tried to get the wine frame, but it wasn't there so I chose the sun instead.  It actually worked out better since we were at the beach and we had an absolutely beautiful sunny day on Saturday. 
Many thanks to DJ for helping me frame this - she worked her magic again!

I thought the round window at the house looked like the Minion's glass, so here they are together!

Very sad to leave the Eastern Shore, we really had a roaring good time!


cucki said...

Beautiful photos and your new stash is so pretty too..
Hugs x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great way to spend a weekend. I'd like to do something similar with my stitching friends when the big year comes (not long now!) You have given away her age in the wine stitch though! It looks great with all the names round the edge and the sun is perfect for the piece.
Glad you found a fellow crafter too, we get everywhere!

DJ said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! Great pictures for great memories!! I wish I could have peeked in the cross stitch store with you, maybe there will be a road trip in our future?? It was a pleasure to help you frame her picture too! *Hugs*

Lessons on Linen said...
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Anonymous said...

Fun is certainly not over rated! I love the gift you stitched for your friend with the frame- how special for her! ~Jaime

geeky Heather said...

What a great keepsake you made for her!! I actually like the idea of the signed frame better than stitching the names...fantastic idea.

Julie said...

What a super time you had and such a special gift you made.