Monday, 17 June 2013

Celebration Sunday and a late TUSAL

We celebrated Father's Day and my birthday on Sunday - what a great day!
We were going to make breakfast together, but slept in instead.  After going to church, I started getting food ready for the mini bbq gathering we were having that afternoon.  My chosen sister, Cori, surprised me by showing up early.  She told me I had five minutes to finish up what I was doing and grab my purse.  I thought she was kidding, but no, she meant business!  Now I knew she had a date at the spa with a friend, but that friend was actually lucky me!  She had planned this with DH's approval and he insisted it be on my birthday, even though it was his day too.  He's that kind of guy, he's a keeper!
I was scheduled for a total body massage and a pedicure.  Wow, what a treat, it was WoNdErFuL!  I also got to enjoy a delicious warm brownie and a mimosa, can't go wrong there.
The Pearl Spa

Oldie Halloween pic 
 So Cori, if you ever read this, thank you so much for a absolutely wonderful birthday surprise.  I love surprising family and friends, so what a treat to receive it!  I love you, my sister!

As for some other goodies, my mil gave me a stand and a new light for stitching, thanks Gammy!  Maybe I'll actually get my act together and start my HAED - after the move.

 Oops, I totally forgot to post June's TUSAL, so here it is...
The travel mug and figures were from DH and the boys, perfect!!!


  1. perfect day all round by the sound of it :) and ps could you send me an invite for the build a house blog :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Aww, sounds lovely. Happy birthday!!!!

    Love all the Tardis pics again. hehe

  3. Happy belated birthday Astrid! Looks like you had a wonderful day (and have a wonderful hubby and friends too!). Absolutely love the TARDIS! Why oh why hasn't the Doctor shown up to take us on an adventure yet?

  4. Happy Birthday Astrid. What lovely gifts you received. Sounds like you had a great spa day.


  5. Happy birthday!! Sounds like a wonderful day with lots of lovely gifts. :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Astrid - lovely goodies.

  7. You kept that quiet!! Hope you had a really lovely Birthday, the spa sounds great, really relaxing!


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