Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Talking to Oma and Opa

My Mom called me this morning and I had Nathan speak to her too.  This is how their conversion ended... 

0ma: "You don't want to speak to 0pa?"
Nathan: "No thank you, 0ma, not right now."
0ma: "0h well, I guess you will not be swimming next week."
Nathan: "What do you mean, 0ma?"
0ma: "Well, if you cannot talk to 0pa now he may not want to go swimming with you next week."
Nathan, "0kay 0ma, I should like to talk to 0pa."
0pa: "Hello Nathan. What a surprise you want to talk to me. What is the reason?"
Nathan, "Well 0pa, I kinda want to go swimming and if I don't speak to you I can't so I'm talking.."                                                                 

Dad said he would still take him swimming because at least he was being honest!

His "gangster" pose on carnival day at school


wilma b said...

LOL...our grandkids call us Oma and Opa also... but they're only 1 and 3, so we don't do the phone calls much...

Parsley said...

Okay, that cracked me up.

Penny said...

Love the hair! And yep, he was being honest. :)