Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Talking to Oma and Opa

My Mom called me this morning and I had Nathan speak to her too.  This is how their conversion ended... 

0ma: "You don't want to speak to 0pa?"
Nathan: "No thank you, 0ma, not right now."
0ma: "0h well, I guess you will not be swimming next week."
Nathan: "What do you mean, 0ma?"
0ma: "Well, if you cannot talk to 0pa now he may not want to go swimming with you next week."
Nathan, "0kay 0ma, I should like to talk to 0pa."
0pa: "Hello Nathan. What a surprise you want to talk to me. What is the reason?"
Nathan, "Well 0pa, I kinda want to go swimming and if I don't speak to you I can't so I'm talking.."                                                                 

Dad said he would still take him swimming because at least he was being honest!

His "gangster" pose on carnival day at school


  1. LOL...our grandkids call us Oma and Opa also... but they're only 1 and 3, so we don't do the phone calls much...

  2. Love the hair! And yep, he was being honest. :)


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