Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hermitting and WIPocalypse - just a little late

Another hermitting weekend started with a concert!  This time it was JJ Weeks Band, Hawk Nelson and MercyMe.  They were all great and I even bought a JJ Weeks Band cd since I hadn't heard of them before.  I'm loving these concerts!  Of course, DJ and family came, my MIL and our newest concert clan member, Teresa.  I wonder who we'll see next... 
We had a rather unpleasant situation arise while we were there - DJ, mil and I decided to check out the merchandise that was being sold in the main area during one of the bands playing.  Not a problem until we came back to find two women in our seats.  DJ's son tried to tell them someone was sitting there but one of the women insisted that she doesn't believe in saving seats in church.  Um, what?!!!  Just because you came late, you think you can sit wherever you want?  Does that mean you can't even use the restroom in fear of losing your seat?!  Well, her friend left but this woman refused to move.  Luckily, there was enough room for us, but my mil was NOT happy!  Long story short - she ended up leaving and during intermission the people around us told us how rude she was and how she wouldn't listen to DJ's son.  Then I saw them head to the front - I hope no one left their seat to use the restroom!
So I didn't get a lot of stitching in last weekend, but I'm so close to finishing this!  I've been working on some smaller projects but can't show them because they're for next weekend.  
I know I have other WIPs I should be working on, but that would mean I'd have to find them first.
Loving the full moon!




wilma b said...

Hi Astrid...sorry about the unpleasant experience at the takes all kinds to make up this world. I think they need to find the love of God...hopefully they heard a good message through the songs!
Got a good chuckle out of finding your WIPs, LOL. Doesn't happen to me, as I don't have more than 2 at any time...

Faith... said...

Some people are just rude no matter where or when.

Love the piece you are stitching.