Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easter and Birthday Fun!

We got to spend Easter Sunday at my parents house this year with my younger brother and his family,  I can't remember the last time we did that!  Nathan had made a Resurrection book in school and here he is reading it to his cousins.  Sad to say they weren't very impressed, although they did learn some things!

DH had to go back home that evening, but the boys and I were able to stay longer.  My nieces and nephews were able to stay too, so I played mother to eight.  Good thing my parents were there, I can only take so much whinging and tattletaling!  But they were actually all good, we had great fun by the fire pit, making peep smores!

And now we come to the birthdays, Nana's turning 90 tomorrow and the boys are now 15!  Wow, when the heck did that happen?  We had a party for Nana this past Saturday, what a beautiful day to celebrate.  She is amazing for 90 - still living on her own, driving well, cooking and baking, still wants the great grandchildren to come over during the summer to stay with her, and still speaking her mind! 
Oh, and she didn't want her neighborhood friends to be invited because they don't know how old she is and she wants to keep it that way!

I didn't want 90 to be too bad for her, so I tried to make it fun.  The cake artwork was made by the boys via lite brite. 
Hard to believe these two little munchkins are now 15!  Here there are celebrating their 1st birthday. 

The picture on the bottom right was taken at school, my mil had their names added for a birthday surprise.  They didn't mind it so much, except when I insisted on taking a picture of them in front of it!  Oh yes, I can still embarrass them. 
 My boys!  The gmen requested my margarita cake - the REAL deal!


Kaisievic said...

Your Nan looks amazing for 90! I would put her at 80 at the very oldest - please pass on my best wishes to her.

And your twins look so handsome - such young men now!

What a lovely family time you have had lately.

hugs, Kaye

wilma b said...

Happy Birthday to everyone...what fun celebrations!

Jennifer Shelby said...

Happy birthday! Your Nana sounds like a lady I'd like to meet one day. And the neighbours definitely do not need to know her age ;) After all, a lady never tells...

Linda said...

What great pics Astrid. Happy Birthday to everyone.


DJ said...

Gee, sure looks like your spring break was full of celebrations!! What wonderful memories you make for your family, and how nice that all the cousins were able to spend time together. I know they will cherish these days when they are older. You really know how to show your love to your family!! *Hugs* Happy Birthday Gmen and Nana!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely family photos. Your Nana definitely does not look her age! Maybe she has her eye on a young man in the neighbourhood and wants to keep her age a secret LOL.
And look at your grown up men!