Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Sharathon Experience

 Going to bed just before midnight, having a cat wake me up at three something in the morning, and having the alarm go off at 4:10am is rough!  It was so worth it and I'm planning on doing it again next year!

 My local Christian radio station, 95.1 SHINE FM,  is having their annual Sharathon for the station.  This is from their website...

Keeping us in your prayers would mean the world to us. Please pray that God would use the generous donations of our community to reach as many people as He can and will through our station. Let us pray with you too. Fill out our prayer request form here, and we'll lift you up in prayer.

Please share the message of 95.1 SHINE-FM with your friends, family, coworkers, and more! Every person can benefit from positive messages and inspiration in their life. Don't hold back the joy that you've experienced... share it with those around you!
Driving there was actually no problem, not too much traffic on 95 that early in the morning.  I didn't get lost or have to turn around or anything, that's good for me!  We got our instructions on what we had to do when we answered the phone, and I had also read it a couple days beforehand.  It was actually easy, but I was still nervous since I'd never done anything like that before.  It was slow at first, but then... my phone rang!  Okay, I can do this.  Did I mess up my greeting?  Maybe just a tad, but then I realized that some of the callers were nervous too.  At the end of the call, I was to ask if they had a prayer request or comment.  Most just thanked the station for being there or asked for prayers for their family.  Then one caller asked if I could pray for her while on the phone.  Here's a little secret, I'm a quiet pray-er, a pillow pray-er, a private pray-er.  But she was asking for prayer right then, not later by someone else, but by me.  So I did it, I prayed for her, her situation, and for her family to come to Christ.  Yes, I did it!  Not to say I'm ready to pray out loud all the time, but at least I know that I can do it.  I mean, who's going to tell you you're not praying correctly?!

As for the staff at the station, they were totally awesome!  I got to meet some great people - Vicki, Kathy, Kelly, Tina - and although I didn't officially meet the DJ's (not you, DJ!), I saw Mike and Dave coming in and out throughout the morning and saw Christina as I was getting ready to leave.  What a great group of people!  And just because you don't live in my area doesn't mean you can't listen to this fantastic station - you can go online right now and listen!
  Leaving after my shift, I'll be back next year!


DJ said...

That is totally awesome! What a privilege to pray for someone like that!! Next time, take me with you!!

wilma b said...

Good for you! God bless the work of the station, and all who work there!

Kaisievic said...

What a great thing to do!