Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My March Madness, so far

DJ and I got together for a stitching date last Friday, and were entertained by the tree guys.  Unless there's a zip line attached to that tree, I wouldn't be up there! 
 I wonder why I had to frog my web - wrong darn colour!
 On Saturday, I took Nathan to a birthday party at Port Discovery in Baltimore.  The Wizard of Oz was the featured exhibition.  I "lost" him at the end of the party, he was off having fun!

And hey, I got a knight picture!  No dragons though, bummer.

On Monday, I was lucky to get together with DJ and meet Gillie!  Of course we had to meet at The Stitching Post and then have lunch at Peace of Pizza.  Fab afternoon, how wonderful to actually put a real live face to a name!  Take a look at her blog, she's looking for The Primitive Needle chart, Cape Cod's Girls.  Can anyone help her out? 

When I came back home, all the tagged trees were down in the front yard.  Nathan is standing on the trio stump before it was ground away.

 And today, it snowed.  The weather reports were all over the map, literally!  Some areas nearby got a little snow, others just got rain.  It was very wet and heavy and I'm glad I have two teenage boys who shoveled the driveway for me!  It was coming down heavy at times and looked just beautiful.

No angry birds here!


Jennifer Shelby said...

what a gorgeous cardinal (we don't have them here so I'm always quite amazed by them). Dragon or no, I'd say that knight picture is definitely a keeper

Linda said...

Great pics Astrid. Your stitching is beautiful.


pam said...

So much snow- what a fun stitching time you 3 had!Great progress on your piece even with a bit of frogging

DJ said...

So that's where all the snow went to, we just got rain. Wasn't it a fun time with Gillie? You should have stayed with us, our adventures were just beginning. LOL Great pictures of the birds...I've had a cardinal singing around here lately...such pretty birds, especially in the snow. Sorry I missed those tree guys again, but Mike put on a flannel shirt and jeans the other day and said, "Guess who I am...a tree guy"...somehow it just wasn't the same. LOL!!!

Mouse said...

glad you had a fab time and one day you just never know a mouse may be there too
and if you ever want to stitch the dragon ... somewhere I have another ... yes I did say another full kit :) I am half way through stitching it :) love mouse xxxxx