Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

 Ready for some fun?  The amazing Jo, has organized an Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop, so come join the fun!  The trail starts at her blog, follow as directed and then head back there to leave your comment on what the phrase is.
freebie from Country Cross Stitch Kits, which I altered a bit.
I think I should have stitched frogs, since I seemed to do way too much frogging for such a little piece!

My letter is...  
  The next blog to follow is LYNN's, go hop on over.  Have fun!

 Lucky Nathan guessed how many jelly beans were in the jar - 102.  And he even shared with us all, such a good egg! 


  1. Sweet little chicks. Sometimes the smaller stiches are just as difficult as the larger pieces! Happy Easter.

  2. what a super fun idea to have a blog treasure hunt!

  3. Those little chicks are adorable!! I hope they sent the frogs packing, lol! Happy Easter.

  4. Thanks for taking part chick! Very cute. I always frog small designs more than large. Maybe it's easier to fudge a large design, add a row here or there but it's more obvious on a small.
    Congrats to the jelly bean boy too.

  5. sorry about the frogs and oooooooooooooo jelly beans ... love them :) love mouse xxx
    ps Happy Easter :)

  6. I'm a cross stitch chick too, those are great. Have a Happy Easter.

  7. Lovely Easter stitching - Happy Easter.

  8. I love Nathan's smile. What a cute stitching chick finish as well.
    Hoppy Easter,

  9. hahaha! Nathan cracks me up in that photo. What a cute Easter stitch. A Happy, Blessed Easter to you.

  10. Nathan is so funny!! Love that he won the jelly beans and love it even more that he shares!! Cute stitch, how come I haven't seen this one before? Are you holding out on me???? Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family! *Hugs*

  11. Sweet stitching! I love the little chicks one & the jar of jelly beans look yummy! I bet they are all gone ;D


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