Friday, 21 December 2012

Our 2nd Jingle Bell Walk for Arthritis

Earlier this month, we walked our 2nd year of the Jingle Bell 5K Walk/Run for Arthritis in honour of my Mom.  She is now doing physical therapy to try and avoid surgery.  She's still upbeat and doesn't complain although I know she's always in pain.
Arthritis sucks.
Here's my post from last year's Jingle Bell Walk. 

We were "Oma's Angels" again this year and our group grew!  Some of my friends I grew up with joined us, as well as our next door neighbours.  We all wore our halos proudly, at least for the picture!  The girls got pretty girly halos this year and my crafty friend, Nina, said we were "dressing up" next year.  Uh oh, I don't think the boys will wear the tutu she's talking about!

Diane and her Moo Chicks!

Our wonderful neighbours and DH and 2 out 3 boys.

My gf since elementary school and her family.

It was a little cold, but once we started walking it felt good.  We took our time and pretty much kept the same time as last year, about a hour and 10 minutes or so.  Next year one of them said they wanted to run it - see ya!

Last year we ended up walking on my parents anniversary, but not this year.  Here's a picture my Dad sent me that was taken the night before they were married.  So Mom/Oma, I love you and we're planning on walking again next year!


Anonymous said...

What a great family/friend walk for an important cause. You have a great group and the pic of your Mom and Dad is so sweet.


Nicola said...

Are you parents from Essex UK or were they on holiday?