Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Festivities

Every year I try and avoid it, but here they are - decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve.  That's Santa's favourite cookie in our house, so it's a must.   

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without Santa leaving the boys their new PJ's and ornaments.  I love how excited Nathan gets when he sees the tree and presents! 
It was a Space Angry Birds kind of night. 

We had a white Christmas, at least before it melted!  It looked so pretty when it was snowing on our way to church, too bad it didn't snow all night.  But at least it looked pretty Christmas morning.   

Here we have Gammy opening her goodies that were left in her new stocking I made her.  She was pleasantly surprised and loved it!  But I told her we were keeping it for her because if she took it home she'd probably lose it.

Ming had to check the boxes to make sure nothing was left in them.  

Another Christmas dinner success!  DH always picks a new dish to try and this year it was Pepper Steak... yummy!  

And thanks to that wonderful DH, I am writing this on my new laptop.  Since my other one "died" and the mini one I was using (which was actually his) was way too slow, I was lucky enough to get a new one.  I have been told not to kill this one so I'll do my best!  On the stitchy front, Gammy gave me these two patterns I've been wanting and can't wait to start.  But I must restrain myself, I have too many unfinished pieces I need to work on first.  This is going to be hard!  Did anyone else get any stitching treasures?
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Parsley said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with family. Sweet stitchy treasures and WOW to a laptop! Yea!

Vickie said...

How wonderful! Glad she loved her stocking.

Anne said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Love the laptop!!

Mollye said...

Merry Christmas glad to be back. I have lots of sewing projects lined up in my head for 2013! Each day...a work in progress.

Nicola said...

A lovely post Astrid. As children we used to get new pj's for Christmas Eve. I had quite forgotten until I read your post.