Thursday, 13 September 2012

Your Pinterest Test Dummy

I don't know about you, but Pinterest can be quite overwhelming.  There are so many amazing ideas - between baking, cooking, and crafting, there's soooo much to choose from. 

My thought here is to show you what I've actually tried and how it worked for me.  My goal is to try doing at LEAST one a week, maybe more... especially with all the holidays coming up. 

The gmen have a pasta dinner the night before their football games and I volunteered to bring dessert every week.  What a great way to test my goodies!

Since pumpkin ideas are coming out of the patch, here's one I tried for them, Pumpkin Pie Croissants.
These looked amazing and if you know me, you know how much I love pumpkin anything. 

Ready for the oven

Baked and smelling yummy
Ready for the boys
*My take on the croissants?  Well, I think because the filling wasn't very thick, I didn't feel like there was enough in them.  I didn't get the pumpkin taste I was looking forward to.  Even if I put more in them, it would have oozed out once I rolled them up.  I did try a batch without cutting them into mini croissants and I thought those tasted better since there seemed to be more filling in them.

*Others take on the croissants?  Only a few came back home.  The boys seemed to like them and the Moms said they did.

*Would I make them again?  Maybe, but not the mini size.  I might even try a different dough method... is there such thing as pumpkin ravioli bites?!

So if you're on Pinterest and see something you'd like someone ELSE to test dummy for you, let me know.  I'll be attempting doing it in between my stitching.  Oh, and I'll work on taking better pictures next time!

Here's another Pinterest idea I made - Daily Calendar.
But please don't ask me if I've kept up with it, I'm a little behind.


DJ said...

Oh I wish I had been around to be your test dummy...LOL They look scrummy!! How's the treasure braid working for you? Forgot to ask when I had you on the phone today. Talk to you soon!! *Hugs*

Parsley said...

Well, we just gotta try new recipes and new things, right?!