Friday, 28 September 2012

Another Pinterest Winner and Beading!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
I know I was going to try doing a Pinterest craft test dummy, but that wasn't going to put food on the table for the boys! 
A friend pinned this recipe, Crockpot Fiesta Chicken, and it was a hit. 
This is her picture, too hungry to take one myself!
*My take on the Fiesta Chicken?  I thought it was quite tasty!  I didn't make the cilantro lime rice, the stink bug invasion has put me off cilantro!  That's another story...

*Others take on the Fiesta Chicken?  The boys said they liked it (the gmen, Nathan wouldn't even try it).  DH liked it, but didn't have it with the rice.

  *Would I make it again?  Yes!  It was very simple to throw together and didn't take that long to shred the chicken.  I also used the low fat cream cheese and it was fine.  I think I'll use "hot" salsa next time to give it a little more umph and I'm wondering if it will be more flavourful tonight for leftovers.

Max doesn't seem too interested in my fairy, but he likes sleeping on the Halloween bag I'm toting it in.  Although Nathan said he caught him sleeping on her this morning and pushed him off - thank you, Nathan.

I finally started beading!  Oh, I am loving the way it looks!  

Question for you experienced beaders - I really hate dragging thread underneath from one place to another when I can't hide it, should I being doing those beads individually or just drag it?  You can't really see it for the most part, but I know it's there!  Thoughts? 


Xeihua (Sara) said...

I'm not able to help you on your question... but she is looking lovely :D Hugs,

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Your crockpot fiesta chicken seems yummy :)
As per your question I can't help you as I haven't done any stitching with beading (I'm afraid of it) but your's is looking amazing :D Congratulations :D

DJ said...

Wow, Astrid, she's amazing! She looks more beautiful every time I see her. As for beading...I'm the dragging type, and since I've never learned how to tie off a single bead, it's the only way I know how. You may not be able to see the thread by holding it up, try putting something white tight against the back and then look to see if you can see the thread. You can pin to a colored backing if you can see the thread, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Have a great weekend! *Hugs*

Annie said...

I am not an experienced beader by any means, but I am also a dragger. My reasoning is a)you can't see it, b)it's far less time consuming, and c)it seems less likely to come undone if the beads are all connected to one long strand rather than each bead tacked down individually.
I think it all boils down to personal preference. Your work looks great! After seeing yours I was inspired to go to Ebay and find myself a copy of that pattern!

Astrid's dragon said...

Thanks for the thoughts, I'm going to continue to drag - so much easier! I think a darker background will work much better, you can hardly see it.

Annie, so happy to inspire you - can't wait to see how you do!