Saturday, 14 April 2018

Update on Mom 😍

During part of Nathan's spring break, we went to stay with Dad and visit Mom in rehab. Gman1 came down for the day.
This is standing outside her chapel next to the new statue Dad bought for her.

Always a delight to spend time with Mom's roommate, she was able to room with her again!

Oma's looking great!

Nathan started some stitching.

Dad promised Nathan a fire while we were there. 

So my Mom is doing much better, she may be another month in rehab. She's finally on solid food again, but is alternating with the mush pureed food too. She's doing well with her breathing, but still on oxygen. They are hoping eventually she'll only need it at night. The staff there are all impressed with how hard she pushes herself, and she is now walking down the hallway with her walker, one direction so far. They all LOVE her, awesome!

And finally, the cards... WOW, thank you!!!
I don't post on facebook much, but I did post a request there too about sending cards to my Mom. Here's a breakdown of what she's received.

From growing up - Pam, Sharon, Jonnifer, Paula, Kimmy, Tricia, Sherri

From family - Tammy, Erin, Gerry and Ron, Ruth and Jude, Lucy, Kelly, Jeanie

From friends she knows (but may not remember meeting!) - Margo, Kim, Linda and Phil, DJ, Denise, Donna

From my hometown friends - Lynne, Paula, Debbie, Ginny and Malcolm, Lisa

And from my stitchy friends - Martha, Katie, Faith, Maggee, Penny, Sheryl, Barbara, Claire (Mom met DJ, see above!)

I love the way they are trickling in, thank you so much for the cards and sweet words, Mom is loving them!

This is what she had received when I was there.
The big card came from Lisa and she included confetti (luckily big!) saying Blessings, Happiness, and Smiles.

And this lovely heart was in the card sent by Sheryl! Thank you, Sheryl, she was thrilled and it's hanging in her room.

 Mom enjoying a real cup of coffee, not thickened!

 Dad sent this today, there was a dog show and these cuties were visiting.

All for now, I hope to go back in about 10 days.


Vickie said...

I just love that statue!! Wow! I am so happy Gail is back with your mom. :D And look at them with those shelties. so sweet. I have my card for your mom sitting right here for her. I have been waiting to send it out. I wanted to pace it a bit, so she gets one after she received many. I am glad she is doing well!

Linda said...

Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better Astrid.


Julie said...

Great to read good news about your mum. Xx

Barb said...

So happy to hear your mom is doing better. Being a grandma myself, I know seeing your boys made her day!!

Anonymous said...

My Mom has been in and out of rehab and the hospital since February, so we are kind of in the same boat. Glad your mom is feeling better and working hard at rehab. I hope things continue to improve for her!Mary

Justine said...

So glad your Mum is feeling better Astrid. How lovely that she has been reunited with her roomie too!

Faith... said...

Glad to hear that your Mom is improving and has a tentative date for when she can go home!!

Hope all the cards have brightened her day when she received them, receiving good mail always makes someone smile!

Katie said...

So great to hear good news about your Mom. They sure love to worry us don't they? I'm so glad she is happy with her cards.

Brigitte said...

So great to hear that your mom is feeling so much better. And wow, look ate all the cards and gifts she received. Must have been fun for her.

Bethan said...

Very glad to hear your mum is doing well - and that she has managed to be put back with her roomate. I love the card idea; so many wonderful cards for your mum! x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's great to read how well your Mum is doing. I am sure she is enjoying all the cards.
Nice to see Nathan stitching too.

Maggee said...

That is GREAT news about your Mom, regaining her buddy, and getting better every day! Wonderful! So glad lots of cards arrived... I bet she was pleased to see GMan1 on your visit. Grandkids always brighten lives! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Sheryl S. said...

Hi Astrid, so pleased to hear that your mum is getting better and is with her friend again. Lovely cards received, I thought that my little gift hadn´t arrived as I hadn´t heard from you, so pleased she liked it.

Tiffstitch said...

I think I missed your post on FB about sending cards, if you'd like to send me the address I'd be happy to send something. :)