Saturday, 24 March 2018

Sharathon #6 for me!

It was that time of year again,
Sharathon at 95.1 SHINE-FM!

But somehow Mother Nature decided to show up and cause some trouble.
I arrived at 6am on Tuesday, ready to answer phones for a shift, and then help out in the background for the rest of the day. The weather forcast was calling for rain/snow/whatever, and sure enough it started sleeting in the morning. To be on the safe side, they transferred the phones and had us go home. It was mainly wet and slushy on my way home, but not slick.

Nathan came home from school three hours early because it was changing over to snow and by Wednesday evening, I think we ended up with about 6" of ice/sleet/snow. It sure does look pretty out there.

No school on Wednesday and no Sharathon either. Nathan actually went outside with our neighbour and they decided to try and build a fort. They didn't finish, but had a good time!

Memories of the Gmen's first snow in their "sled", which is now being used as a laundry basket. 😉

Still no school on Thursday, but Sharathon was on! Nathan was able to go to a friend's house and I headed in for some background stuff. Still a bit of a slow day there, but the show must go on!

On Friday, they had to go into SNOWvertime to make up for the snow days they lost. I started helping on the phone from 6am until just after 1pm. I spoke to so many wonderful people, all saying wonderful things about the station and how much they appreciate it. 
Because of that darn snow delay, it took until almost 7pm to reach their goal, but they did it!!! Amen!
I ended up staying until just before 9pm to help send letters out and this was my view of Baltimore as I was leaving.

It was another great year spent with wonderful people at the station, I love being able to spend time with them!

And sadly, I've lost my stitching mojo. I'm hoping it will decide to come back soon. Please feel free to send stitchy thoughts!


Brigitte said...

Oh my, such a lot of snow at the end of March. But for the kids it must have been a great time having no school and playing in the snow.
Good that the event could still take place.

Bethan said...

Such a lot of snow! And a good start to a fort! Glad your Sharathon could still go ahead in the end x

Maggee said...

Great news about the Sharathon goals met! As for your stitchy bug... it will come back... Probably as soon as you get good weather!! Always improves my disposition!! Hugs!

Katie said...

We've been missed by these last snow storms. Love your snowy picture. I'm glad Nathan was able to get out and enjoy it a little bit. I'm glad they met their goal at the Sharathon. Hope you find your mojo soon. Too many pieces to be stitched for that to stick around.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad that Nathan enjoyed his snow days. I never expected to get so many this year.
I am glad that the sharathon went ahead after everyone's hard work.