Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Request for my Momma ✉

This was my Mom with her roommate, Gail, just before she was discharged from rehab on February 27th. I think you can see how much fun they were having together!

But since then, she's had a rough time of it at home. She ended up in the hospital 11 days ago because of severe breathing difficulties, mainly caused by scarring of her vocal chords from the rheumatoid arthritis, plus she had laryngitis and a cold. She ended up on a ventilator again and ultimately needed to have a tracheotomy, which will most likely be permanent.

I was finally able to come up and see her on Saturday and I brought her a scarf to cover up the tracheotomy and oxygen tube. My Dad was going to take pictures of just us, but she wanted to be in the pictures too! GO MOM!

The Gmen stopped by on Sunday on their way home from the lake, she was pleasantly surprised to see them.

Even my younger brother came for a visit, another surprise.

Group photo!

 And Dad had his picture taken too.

As of yesterday, she was transferred back to the rehab facility, but unfortunately was unable to be Gail's roommate again. Dad said she was very confused and I'm hoping it was just because it was quite an effort getting her there and settled. 

After dealing with RA for almost half of her life and having so many medical issues because of it, she is a very determined, strong, woman. It must be the German in her!

She turned 79 in January, and she’ll be the first one to tell you that she never thought she’d live this long with all of her complications from RA.

So my request is... would anyone be interested in sending her a get well, or thinking of you card? She enjoys her chapel, reading her Bible and study books, angels, birds, flowers, and Pekingese dogs!
If you're interested, please let me know and I'll reply with the address.

Here's a memory of something I wrote for her several years ago...

These hands held me as a baby.
These hands carried me when I was tired.
These hands comforted me when I cried.
These hands tucked me in bed.
These hands fed me when I wouldn't eat.
These hands held my hand when I walked.
These hands picked me up when I fell.
These hands helped me get dressed.
These hands scratched my back whenever I asked.
These hands spanked me when I needed it.
These hands helped me to swim.
These hands made my dolls clothes.
These hands knitted our treasured afghans.
These hands held all three of my babies.
These hands still make the German pancakes I love.
These hands still try to pinch my bottom.
These hands still hug me tight.
These hands, I love these hands.
I love you, Mom.


Justine said...

Your Mum looks so happy! I would love to send her a card.

Maggee said...

I will email you! Hugs!

Katie said...

So sweet. I will keep you and her in my thoughts. It's so difficult watching our parents go through pain. I would love to mail her a card.

Sheryl S. said...

So sorry to hear that your mum is going through a rough patch healthwise and do hope she will feel better soon. Of course I will send her a card. e-mailing you.

Faith... said...

She looks happy despite everything going on. I would love to send her a postcard from AZ!

Debbie W. said...

What a wonderful idea for a wonderful lady. Please send me your mom's address ; I'd absolutely love to send her a card/note!

Penny said...

Your dear, sweet mother. I'm so sorry she is going through this, but she does indeed sound like a strong woman. I would love to send her a card!

Vickie said...

God bless you Astrid. I am so very, very, very glad you two are close once again. Yes, please email me her address. Thank you! I had a pekingese as a girl! We rescued him from going to the dog pound! We kept his name. Pooh! ;)

Vickie said...

P.S. Your poem had me in tears.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I will most definitely send her a card, we have some beautiful ones in the shop but I'm not in work until next week so she might have a little delay!

Julie said...

Happy to send a card from here Astrid, please send me the address.
What a wonderful mum you have, I have an aunt to RA so know the struggles that brings to peoples lives. xx

Brigitte said...

I'd love to send her a card as well, Astrid. I could imagine that she would love to get one from Germany. Just let me know her address.

FlashinScissors said...

Lovely poem, Astrid!
I was very sad to read of your mum’s health problems.
Thank you for sending me your mum’s address, my card will be on its way tomorrow.
Barbara xx