Wednesday, 6 September 2017

It's time for Fall, Y'all!

I waited until September 1st and it's finally time!

We went to the lake for Labour Day weekend.

It rained, like it always does on a holiday weekend! But hey, the colours are slowly coming out.

 Max and Ming did a little exploring when the sun finally came out.

View of the Deep Creek Lake.

Loving the red!

The boys just before Gman1 left for UMBC.

Nathan's first day of school, trying not to laugh!


Maggee said...

And so it starts... I don't think I have been to the lake in the fall! I've seen winter/snow... late spring and mid summer... It is beginning to look awesome! Hugs!

Katie said...

Love the fall air and color changes. Thanks for sharing. Your kiddos look fantastic. Hope Nathan has a great year at school.

Rachel said...

Great pictures! I'm so excited for fall...I'm jealous you were able to find pumpkin spice creamer already!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great pictures, especially the boys/young men! For some reason I always think you are Australian and Nathan looks particularly Aussie in those clothes! G-day mate!

Brigitte said...

Great pictures. What a wonderful place the lake must be. I also love autumn with everything it brings - the changing colours on nature the windy weather, the cooler temperatures. Everything is fine for me.

deb said...

Pumpkin spice time - yay! Lake pictures are beautiful. Happy (almost) fall!!