Thursday, 13 July 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

What thing about your job are you thankful for?
This week my "job" was at VBS (vacation bible school).

I was the leader of eight, four year old children. It was a short week, only three days since we're leaving for vacation today, but they kept me on my toes! Six boys and two girls, all precious. Although we only had seven Tuesday and Thursday, I also had two teenage helpers, big help!
I loved being with these children, watching their faces when they were excited, or even sometimes scared. Looking to me or the girls for comfort, reaching out for our hands to hold, and then giving us a big smile. Hearing their chatter among each other and listening to them talking about something very serious to them. There were a few upsets for them and it's hard to remember how a four year old mind works - their very own way!
So this week my job was awesome, hearing about their God sightings - swimming in my pool, seeing flowers, my family... - putting their little hands together for prayers, holding each others hands so we stayed together, and seeing the smiles and laughter, all priceless.

And I got to dance in the morning and embarrass Nathan, what fun!

What are you thankful for in your job?


Vickie said...

:D Your post made me smile. Thank you.
My "job", being a homemaker, makes me thankful! I am just plain thankful that I can be here with my family each and every day.

Debbie W. said...

omgoodness, your post is so heartwarming. Little ones are the best - they are so sweet, and so totally "themselves". :)

Today I am grateful for my volunteer job at the animal shelter. The dogs there are so sweet, and so totally "themselves", too. LOL

Tiffstitch said...

That sounds a lot of fun! I have an almost 4yo, so I can understand how 8 would be overwhelming! 2 helpers are necessary for sure. I'm thankful I'm in a position to help people.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The staff discount! And the free books from publishers too. Also helping people find the right book for them which is always nice.
Seems like you had a wonderful time with the little ones and a chance to embarass your son is not to be missed!

Rachel said...

I so miss my vacation bible school summers. They were a highlight of my childhood! What great pictures!

Frances N said...

Bible School is always so fun!
I have played piano for it many times!