Saturday, 3 January 2015

Memories of December

Just a little behind from December, here's part of it...
 My Rudolph and misfit collection.

Still too many bare walls, next year should be different.

Nana gave this to us years ago and we finally had the room to display it.

My goodies from DJ - awesome!  She found out I love polar bears and made me this.
Of course she couldn't forget my love of mermaids, she even stitched the backside of them!

Nathan went with the cub scouts and sang at a nursing home - they sang "Must be Santa", love that one!

Can't forget decorating Christmas cookies on Christmas eve.

Santa left the boys new PJ's Christmas eve.

Christmas morning excitement!

I've been waiting for this since summer, my stained glass mermaid!  She will hopefully be hung in my craft room THIS weekend.

This is John Pacheco, who made my beautiful mermaid.  I found this piece on Pinterest and stalked tracked him down!  He was in our area during the summer and delivered her to me.  Come back and visit, John!

 My gmen know me too well, they added to my Doctor Who collection!  The paper will be a poster, just waiting to receive it in the post.

Next up, our adventures in December...


Linda said...

Gorgeous tree and decorations Astrid. Great pictures. The outside of your home is stunning.


Vickie said...

Wonderful! What a spectacular mermaid. :)

Kaisievic said...

Your house looks really festive and that tree! Gorgeous as is are all your men. Lovely to see our boys grow into men, isn't it? Your mermaid is very special, so you enjoy her.

Mouse said...

ok a wee tinge of jealousy here .... what a fantastic room and tree and then the mermaid ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy ..... love mouse xxxxx

DJ said...

So glad you liked the ornaments! I love the stained glass mermaid...maybe I need to stalk John?? When's our next stitch date???

Justine said...

Is that your new house Astrid? It's stunning. Your decorations look great. As for your boys, they are all so handsome and look like great men in the making!

Julie said...

Fabulous stained glass mermaid, she's beautiful.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Now that is what you call a tree! I'd love a double height room for that reason alone.
The stained glass mermaid is gorgeous as is your stitched mermaid ornie.