Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Momma and some scenes from a car

Mom/Oma's "party" before her hip replacement surgery. 
Oma and Opa with 6 out of 9 grandkids.

Crazy bunch included Margo and Doug, who are hosting my parents while we are in our rental house which is not practical for Mom to stay in.

Arrived at the hospital, ready to get fixed up!

Pre-op, getting ready and getting drugged!
After surgery - she's talking to Margo and he's talking to my older brother.

The gmen came to visit.
Margo and Doug had brought some beautiful flowers when they came to visit.
Mom will finally be getting out tomorrow, she went to the rehab floor a couple days after surgery and she's doing great!  She had to get a special walker since she can't use her hands due to her rheumatoid arthritis and she's zooming around.  She gave us a scare when her heart rate was high and they didn't know why, but no problems now.
Driving into and around Baltimore every day wasn't really too bad, we seemed to find different ways of getting home every day!  These were some of our scenes.

Just in case you didn't know what colour it was!

And many thanks to Nana, who had Nathan stay with her so we could visit Mom every day.  He always has a good time with her.



Vickie said...

So very many nice family pictures to treasure. I am glad your mother is doing well.

Julie said...

What a lovely family you have.
I hope mom improves with each passing day and is soon feeling pain free and its easier for her to move about and have fun with her family at home.

Linda said...

So happy to hear that mom's surgery went well. Love all the pics.


Maggee said...

Glad that the surgery is over and your Mom is doing well! Gotta ask--are the two older boys twins??

cucki said...

So glad that mom surgery went well
Please give her my love and tell her that her other daughter from South Africa is saying hi
Love you x

Debbie W. said...

What a beautiful family, and what wonderful support for your mom. I hope her recovery goes just as smoothly as her surgery did.

KimM said...

So happy to hear the surgery went well. Take care -

DJ said...

So glad to hear your Mom is doing so well!! I'm sure it's a load off your mind now that all the scary stuff is behind you! Prayers for quick healing on the way!! *Hugs*

Fit and Healthy Baby Boomers said...

You have a wonderful and happy looking family. Best wishes to your Mom.