Thursday, 13 February 2014

Snow Fun!

It started snowing here yesterday evening, with the prediction of anywhere from 6-12".  School was cancelled for Thursday and DH planned on staying home too, wahoo!

So at midnight I thought we should go for a little walk in the snow.  It was so quiet and peaceful, just us and the snow.

It was really coming down and it made everything look so pretty.

And hey, look, Christmas Valentine lights!  I knew it was a good idea to keep them on!

Last night DH and the gmen brought over the snow blower from the other house, good thing!  He loves playing with his toy and helped out the neighbours too.  When measured, we got about 13" with more to come.  

It rained/sleeted for a while this afternoon, but now it's snowing again.  Here are our kitty cat prints in the once cleared front step.

On a stitchy note - I've had this pattern for ages and love it.  I know I won't get it done in time for this season, but there's always next year!

Our gmen at 10 months old, just precious!  Best baby "sled" ever!

Nathan used it eight years later when he was three months old.
Now it's just a laundry basket - no more babies!

I hope wherever you are, you are dry and warm.


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

What adorable photos! That is a lot of snow....

Linda said...

Great snow pics Astrid. Love the pics of the little guys. So cute.


diamondc said...

I am so sorry you are getting so much snow usually here in minnesota we get all the snow.
Love your baby pics what bunch of cuties.
I want to thank-you for the video Glorius Day my number one man in my life is Jesus number two is my husband.

Happy Valentines Day.


Shebafudge said...

Wow! Now that is what I call snow. Part of me is so jealous though...all we are getting is rain!

Julie said...

Beautiful pics Astrid, my children used to have rides in the laundry basket too!