Saturday, 14 September 2013

Zipline Footage and Moving Fun

Finally, here it is, the Travel Channel Ziprider at Icy Strait Point
Check us out at 00:15 minutes, we're the ones going down into the clouds!
Then check us out at 1:22 minutes, we're standing at the back of the line, I'm wearing my pink hooded jacket and the gmen are in front of me.  Not sure why this one came later, we were in line waiting to go down!

Pic of us going downnnnnn
The reason I haven't been reading blogs, writing blogs or stitching?  We FINALLY moved!
Nothing like having friends come over to help pack and move us out.  I think these two were having way too much fun, all I heard was laughing!

Two of the gmen's friends helped us too, doesn't hurt to have four football players moving furniture and boxes! 

Caravan of vehicles full of our goodies.

Now the rest of the fun begins, unloading.

We've settled in, but still have lots some boxes to go through.  We've even had a visitor come say hello.

Ming wishing she could go out and play.
I've actually been able to stitch in the evening while watching Army Wives on Netflix on my phone.  We moved in on the 1st and Comcast was scheduled to come that afternoon.  They actually came early and ready to set us up, only to find out that the house wasn't wired for Comcast, only Verizon.  Bummer!  To make a long story short, Comcast came and put the wires in and then didn't come back when they told me they were coming.  I found out we were never scheduled and someone would call me back ASAP.  That was Thursday early afternoon and I'm still waiting.  In the meantime, Verizon came today and set us up which was great, but then found out we don't get BBC America.  WHAT?!  We would get it only if we downgrade and lose channels or upgrade and pay more.  Not a happy camper at the moment.  Really wish there was a third option, both of their customer service sucks!  And that was the shortened version!


cucki said...

Yayyy for your moving..It's a pretty house and I love your visitor too ;)
Enjoy and have fun
Hugs x

Vickie said...

What a beautiful home! Have fun setting up this week.

Anonymous said...

A lovely home, hope you settle well (:
Gorgeous visitor too!

Linda said...

What a beautiful home Astrid. We are switching to Comcast. They came out to hook us up, but we don't have a live wire to the house. Construction guy came out Thur. and they will be here this Wed. to put the cable to the house will be hooked up on the 23rd. We've not had any problems with them. Hope everything works out for you.


DJ said...

Love the video of you guys at the Zip Line...makes me want to go!! So sorry about the cable guys...are you set up now? I wish you had said something, I have several seasons of Army Wives on DVD you could have borrowed!! Love your new digs!! *Hugs*

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice house! I bet the boys got paid by eating their own body weight in food after all the hard work.