Thursday, 22 March 2012

March Hermitting... belated

Can I just say my hermitting was really the weekend prior to the scheduled one?!  That was our girls stitching weekend and it was at the lake, just like January and February.  Otherwise, I really didn't do very much this past weekend.  I think I was stitched out!  But I am very anxious to continue with my Halloween Fairy, and this one's for me!

I did manage to see Casting Crowns on Sunday evening - AMAZING!  It was their Come to the Well tour, with Matthew West, and also included Lindsay McCaul and Royal Tailor.  My mother-out-law, DJ and her guys came too.  It was honestly one of the best concerts I have been to.  I loved the stories, praise and prayers and I also loved how they all came together at the end to sing.  DJ's son and I picked a child to sponsor through World Vision.  My little guy was born on Nathan's birthday, but he's a year older - such a cutie!

Quick note - Jill gifted me the Liebster Award (how sweet) so that will be my next posting - thanks, Jill! 

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Anonymous said...


Your Halloween fairy is coming on great.

Looks like a great band!

Congrats on your award!