Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ladies Everywhere!

First things first, DJ and I had a great day today - at least I hope she did!  We didn't get in very much stitching, but she did show me how to stretch and pin my mermaids for framing.  She's a great teacher and made it painless and easy!  We have a stitching date with some other stitchers at the end of the month and I'm really looking forward to meeting more stitching buddies ladies!

Here's the ladybug I made for Nathan's pre-k teacher for her Christmas gift.  They are the ladybug class so I thought it was perfect.  Too bad I hadn't taken DJ's "pin class" before I framed this one - it's pretty scary in the back!

 This past Sunday was our girls afternoon and it was a hit - you can't go wrong with homemade taco pizza and blue "knock your socks off" drinks!  I think we're back on track for our monthly gathering, I think we ALL need it!  

Next girls night will be with some high school friends, that should be a good one too... girls rule!

Just in case you were wondering, this is what it normally looks like when I'm stitching.  It's even more interesting when they're trying to grab the floss!  I'm working on One Nation, but still need to finish outlining Woody for Nathan - almost done.

I'm also still working on reading my backed up blogs.  It's slow going, but it's a start. 


Denise said...

Please don't let my dogs know what your cats are getting away with...I would never get to stitch! :-) My cat sits behind me, they are jealous enough of that!

Terri said...

What a cute finish!

Love the kitties! Siamese?

It's always good to spend time with your stitching buddies! :-)

Valentina said...

Your stitching companions are so cute!!

Joysze said...

Cute finish. Love the look of concentration on your face. :D

Penny said...

Cute little ladybug bear!
How sweet - you have not one, but two helpers. :)

country stitcher said...

Hey I cover up with that same blanket but I don't have any cats to join me on my lap and I don't allow my yellow lab on my lap while I cross stitch either.
Happy Stitching

DJ said...

I did have a great time, Astrid! Can't wait til our next stitch date! You were a wonderful pupil...and just to clarify, she pinned her piece much faster than I pinned mine! Hope you are having a fab weekend! *Hugs*