Monday, 30 January 2012

High School Pals & Stitching Gals = Great Times

Well, I had quite the girls weekend!  On Saturday night, I had some "old" school friends over - six of them all the way back from elementary school.  We're trying to do this more often and are having a blast getting together.  I don't think I got to bed until after 1am, and that's after having several a couple glasses of skinny margaritas, yum!!

Which leads me to Sunday morning...
 I was actually able to get up, make banana/choc chip bread, figure out what stitchy stuff I wanted to work on, head over to DJ's to pick her up and then head over to Denise's for a stitching afternoon - maybe the margaritas helped because we were 50 minutes early - oops!
I totally forgot to take some pictures while we were stitching, but did get a photo before we left.  We had a wonderful afternoon and had some fine eating in between stitching - thanks so much Denise for a fantastic time!  We need to set up our next stitching date, hopefully at my house... that gives me a great reason to clean up when I have friends over!
Here's the stitching gals - DJ, Me with Shadow, Joann, DanielleJill, and Denise. 

These two cuties are Mia & Moxie, Denise's babies!  They were saying goodbye to DJ and I as we were leaving.

 And here we have Nathan's finished Woody, he was so excited to see it when I came home.  DJ framed it for me when I went to visit with her last week.  Another great job, I love the frame she found!



Autumn said...

I'm trying NOT to be jealous! How fun to meet up with other stitchers and visit!

DJ said...

The guys loved your banana bread and I''m so glad we got a change to get together!! I can't wait to do it again!!

Denise said...

That's why I was late, I didn't have margaritas Saturday night! Had a great time Sunday anyway. Love all the pics of my animals...the ducks want to know why they weren't in them :-)Woody turned out great!

Mouse said...

sounds like you had a fab time and wish I could have joined you ... and the boys look cute saying good bye .. and well done on woody too ..looks fab :)
hope your head is better now
love mouse xxxxx