Sunday, 4 December 2011

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Better late than never - I almost forgot... again!  
Nathan helped me pick a winner for the Challenge I put out there.  

We used his Squinkies Cars 2 Globie Dispenser to help us.  I wrote the names down, we put them in the little balls and he put in his coin in to pick a winner.

Of course we had to use his "gingerbread" house he made last night at St. Nick's Night to display the winner.

Lookie who won - Parsley!!!
So, you get to decide where you'd like your gift certificate of $25 from - online or store, just let me know!

And here's what she had to say about what she does...

Parsley said...
I missed this post at first but I'd love to share our tradition with you all. My family makes a habit of PIF. At Christmas we like playing 'secret Santa' and leaving gifts on STRANGER'S porches. This year we bought blankets to share with homeless or to leave on 'needy looking' doorsteps. This has blessed us BIG and my DD's friends liked the idea so much, they too are being 'secret Santas'.

Now onto the next winner for the Paying it Forward contest.
This is where I stitch something for the winner within the next year - BUT, if you win, you must be willing to have the same contest on your blog.

Nathan was ever so willing to help pick another winner!

And the winner is... Joysze!  I'll be getting in touch with you to get some ideas as to what you may like.  
If, for any reason, you decide you'd rather not take it on - no problem, just let me know.  But I'm excited about it!


Parsley said...

OH OH OH!!! HO HO HO!!! What a cutie helper you have! I never thought I'd win but WOW...THANK YOU! That's extremely generous and kind of you!

I love to shop at and I promise to continue the PIF tradition.

P.S. Love the gingerbread house. We do this every year too!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congrats to Parsley and Joysze!

The question is - who wins the cute gingerbread house? We made one once but there were so many e-numbers in it my son was hyper all night!! It wasn't home-made at all!

Joysze said...

OH!!! I literally did a double take when I saw my name. I didn't even know I entered in the PIF contest. ROFL!!

Nathan's gingerbread house is so cute!! Just like him. :D

DJ said...

Congratulations Ladies!! Love the Gingerbread house!! Great seeing you today, Astrid! *hugs*