Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Happy Christmas had by all!

Christmas morning!  Even without snow, it was a great day.
I loved that the boys enjoyed giving their gifts almost as much as they enjoyed receiving them, they did a fantastic job.

Nana had her surgery earlier in the week on her good breast and also had lymph nodes taken out under both arms.  Aunt Gerry has been staying with her and since Nana was feeling good, they joined us for Christmas dinner.  We had crackers for every one and Nathan even wanted to sleep with his hat on!

My MIL gave Nana this flag she embellished with crystals - I don't think you can see how great it looks in this picture, but it's very pretty and glittery.

 Since we've had colds going around the house, we had to postpone visiting my parents.  So we're here at the lake, waiting on the rest of the family and will make a trip to my parents, hopefully tomorrow.  Ready for more Christmas crackers and hopefully, some Christmas pudding with brandied whipped cream!

As for stitchy news, I still have a few projects to work on before the new year and I need to get my WIPocalypse ready for 2012.  Are you in?!


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

Happiness radiates from your photos. Wow, everyone must have been very good all year in your house for Santa to have brought so many presents. Wishing your Nana a speedy recovery and good health for 2012.

Mouse said...

ooooo your lot must have been very good this year with the amount of prezzies there :) and love the flag .. I bet it really glistens when the light catches it .... sorry to hear you've all got colds, hope you feel better soon and can go and see your parents :) love mouse xxxx

Penny said...

Your boys are waiting very patiently. :)
Looks like a lovely Christmas dinner and even more special that your Nana could join you.
Hope you are all feeling better soon!