Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Secret Pal Goodie & Ornie SAL

 Lookie what I received on Saturday from my Secret Pen Pal!  Thank you, thank you!  It's always nice to receive a card in the mail, especially when it has a goodie inside.


 My buppa tea in my Father Christmas mug was lovely and warm thanks to my coffee cozy!  She made it for me and it's perfect, I love it!
In case you're wondering, when I was little I couldn't say "cuppa" tea, I said "buppa" tea and it stuck.  My Dad said there was also a song to go with it that we/he made up, " a buppa tea for you and me ".  There was more, but he couldn't remember it.
  I had to include my Quality Street in the pic, they actually sell it here!  I haven't seen any Cadbury Roses, but that was always a treat too.  Growing up, we always had two huge tins of both for Christmas and they didn't last very long in our house!  
I'm going out tomorrow to a shop that might sell some, so we'll see.  I'll also look for some Pfeffernüsse for my Mom, but I think I should be able to make some if I can't find any.
I haven't gotten as far along as I would like with this ornament.  I'm making it for Nathan's pre-k teacher.  Their class is the "Ladybugs", so it's perfect for her.  Well, I now see I need to frog a little bit, so off I go!


Parsley said...

Love the cozy! And look at all the tea pots! WOW!

Mouse said...

neat idea for the cozy :) love the chocolates thanks and cute ladybug too :) love mouse xxx

Penny said...

I've never heard of a coffee cozy ~ what an interesting idea. What pretty teapots! That's a cute ladybug your stitching. :)