Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cool Beans, a Firehouse Birthday Party!

 Nathan had a great birthday party this afternoon!  He got to be an honorary fireman for his party and he loved it - can you tell?!

So who is this "glowing" person?  Well, the woman who was supposed to wear this fashionable outfit had to go out on a call, so yours truly was volunteered.  I can't even imagine wearing this on a hot summer's day, let alone in a fire!  

Here he is with his Finn McMissile cake, can't imagine what he'll want next year.               
 And here are his brothers when they had their fourth birthday party at the firehouse.  Unlike their brother, neither one of them would wear the fireman outfit!

Okay, finally I can get to my stitching and watch "Once Upon a Time" and "The Walking Dead".  Anyone else???


Penny said...

What a happy little face and you were certainly a good sport to volunteer to wear that fashionable outfit. :)
Cute cake.

Mouse said...

awwww he looks really good in it and well done for getting in the uniform.. DH is an aviation fire fire-fighter for his hobby ! cake looks bril .. did you save us some ??? love mouse xxxx

Joysze said...

Great pics. :D I love his smile. :)

mdgtjulie said...

They're darling. Just too cute Astrid!!