Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Stash Shopping!

 Wow, I had a great day today!  It started out by meeting DJ at Barnes and Noble to do some stitching, but I twisted her arm ever so gently as she was almost running to the car and we went to the Stitching Post to do some shopping.  

I wanted to get my fabric and colours for my TOS, "Tree of Stitches", a SAL @ The Stitch Specialists.  You have to join to get the patterns and the TOS is closing at the end of the month.  There is another one starting, "The Great Escape", and I'd like to try that one after I tackle the TOS.  They are both designed by Abi Gurden and they are fantastic!  DJ finished hers and it looks amazing, she did a great job!  
The leaves on the bottom of the picture are ones I bought at a bead show and I might add them to the bottom of the design when I'm finished or to the frame, it depends on how it looks.

So I saw this Halloween fairy while searching on the internet for who knows what.  But, it's no longer for sale so I looked it up on ebay.  I found it alright, but ended up to be a ridiculous price - it sold for $43.95!  That was just the magazine, nothing else... that's just crazy.  I searched some more and found the magazine at Herrschners for $4.95!  With shipping, it came to $8.90 - what a deal!  Now even though I know I'm not stitching this for this Halloween, I couldn't resist buying the fabric and getting some of the seed beads.

 I also found these pieces, a beautiful purple and a fun candy corn!  Do I know what I'm going to use them for?  No, not yet, but I couldn't resist.

Another nice surprise while we were there was running into Danielle!  I wasn't quite sure, but stalked looked at her a litle bit before I decided it had to be her!  I guess it had been a while since the last time. ; )

Then to totally top off the afternoon, DJ and I went to celebrate her birthday at Pizzeria Uno.  Great lunch and we even treated ourselves to a mini version of dessert.  We could really get into trouble together if we keep this up!  
Hugs to you, DJ, Happy Birthday!


Mouse said...

heheheh love how you twisted her arm ;) ... stash shopping to boot as well as yummy desert you girls sound like you had a fab time.... good day was had by all :0 love mouse xxxx

Danielle said...

Great stash purchases!!! I have seen that candy corn fabric there too and pick it up every time, but I haven't bought it. So sorry I did not know who you were at first!!! When you called my name I thought Astrid???? but did not want to say in case I was wrong! I won't miss you next time. I actually think the last time I ran into you was right before a stitcher's night at The Stitching Post in the late spring.

DJ said...

Thanks again for all the fun, Astrid! We do tend to get ourselves into trouble at the Stitching Post. Or I do at least. I love the bracelets you gave me too! Can't wait to see how you come along on the Tree of Stiches. Call if you need help!! *hugs*

Denise said...

I bought the magazine for the Halloween Fairy too! I had done her other Halloween Fairy and saw this and had to have it. Picked up the Candy Corn Fabric at Stitching Post a few shopping trips ago, haven't decided what I am putting on it yet...can't wait to see what you do with it!