Saturday, 22 October 2011


...don't think about cross stitching while having margaritas with old friends!  Unless you're okay with frogging everything you worked on.  I'm such a lightweight, I didn't even have that much - it must have been the talking, reminiscing about growing up, and looking at our old class yearbooks! 

Please excuse the finger in the picture, and Jodi wasn't even drinking!

Okay, no more stitching - Nina and I will just look for old friends and smile for the camera instead!

On a more serious note, Nana does have cancer in her other breast.  She won't know until Monday what the treatment is, but we're hoping for a lumpectomy since it's so small and is supposed to be slow growing.  
She's a trooper and knowing Nana, she's pissed off it came back!  So please say your prayers for her to get through this.


Mouse said...

oh dear on the frogging ;) hic and love the photos of you all ... ((HUGS)) being sent Nana's way :) love mouse xxxx

DJ said...

Praying for Nana, and wondering why I wasn't invited...LOL Just kidding! You look very happy! *hugs*