Monday, 11 April 2011

SAL and an 88th Birthday!

I finally started the monthly Oakhaven SAL, just a little late.  I kept seeing it on other blogs and decided to join in since they were so cute!  I've finished January and have started working on February.  It shouldn't take me long to catch up, although I am behind on my Margaret Sherry Culinary Cats. 

Nana's birthday was on Sunday, she is an amazing 88 years young!  She came to the boys arena football game on Saturday (they won) and then joined us Sunday to listen to the boys play in their school band festival.  Here's what the band teacher had to say on the performance, 
 "The Symphonic Band sounded very polished on their pieces…especially the slow sections.  The slow sections are the hardest to make sound pretty and musical and they did very well.
Both bands received a rating of Superior which is the highest rating a band can receive.  This is our 14th consecutive year of receiving this top rating at the Baltimore festival."  Great job, guys!
We wanted to take Nana out to dinner for her birthday, but she insisted on making it instead - chicken and dumplings.

As soon as Nathan saw her starting to make something, he was right there.  Although he thought she was making cookies since she had the mat and rolling pin out!  
So here she is, teaching Nathan how to make dumplings.  He was having fun, until he saw Gammy decorating Nana's cake!
But sadly, the dumplings didn't turn out the way she had hoped - she thinks it was the chicken broth in a can that she added.  Good think I had noodles on hand.  But she did end up making cinnamon/sugar roll with the leftover dough!

And here she is with her helpers to blow out the candles.

I had already made her a birthday card and the boys each made one, but I thought this one might put a smile on her face!  I can only wonder what she'll be dreaming about tonight!
Happy Birthday Nana, you are an amazing woman and we love you dearly.

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DJ said...

Awwww...Happy Birthday Nana! You look FABULOUS! What's your secret? Great job on winning the game and on your performance, guys! So many wonderful things happening in your family, Astrid! I'm happy for you!! Sending *hugs* to everyone!