Friday, 8 April 2011

Easter Swap Goodies!


Wow, I received my Easter swap goodies from Sherry @ Blessings From Our Nest and they are wonderful!  A big soft pillow, a sachet that has lavender in it from her garden, an adorable chick postcard wall hanging, a music note nest w/eggs, 2 candles, orange/chocolate eggs, peanut butter/chocolate "pie", and of course, a cute little chick!  Thank you so much, Sherry, I love everything you sent.

Here are my goodies, set up in the dining room.  This is where we eat all our meals, so it's nice to be able to see it every day - and it smells good too!  I have behaved so far and have only had one orange/chocolate egg - but need to watch the rest or a little one who shall remain nameless Nathan, will get his little fingers on them!  BTW, the egg was so good, I hope the Easter Bunny leaves me a few more!

Even the box my goodies came in was a hit, Ming liked sitting in there with the paper and she now smells amazing

If you’d like to see what I gave Mollye, check it out @ Fruit of the Spirit BUT, she may not get it until tomorrow.  I was so picky on what I wanted to stitch and then had to figure out how to finish it, that I ended up sending it a little late.  I did let her know and hopefully she will forgive me!  

Thanks again for hosting this Parsley, what fun!


Parsley said...

I'm so happy you got such great swap goodies. Glad you joined in the fun!

Emily said...

Such pretty goodies!!

♥ Nia said...

Lovely goodies =)
Have a great week dear!!

Mollye said...

Oh sister, you got some great gifts and I love especially the pillow. I just now posted on my box from you, but I must apologize for my camera's quality. I think I got too much salt water in it somewhere and the quality is terrible. I again loved meeting you and adore all my gifties! Hugs Mollye Oh my word verification here on your blog is Gator. How appropriate!