Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Blog Hop

If it wasn’t for Jo hosting blog hops, I guess i wouldn't have much going on here!
(Soon to be remedied) 

So here we have Jo's Halloween Trick or Treat blog hop.
Please follow along the trick or treat trail and see what letters you can find to make out a mystery phrase. Then head back to Jo's blog to comment on what you've found.

This is a Mill Hill Tangled Web.
Although this isn't quite the way I want it framed, it will do for the time being.

Max Max, trouble maker,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her.
He put her in a pumpkin shell,
And there he kept her very well!

Just some fun Halloween decorations

some Yummy mummy cupcakes for the baseball team!

And my favourite, the spooky moon.

In case you thought I forgot, here's your letter...

Have fun and Go find your treat over at Alicia's ~ The Crafty Princess!

Thanks again, Jo! 


  1. Thanks for taking part in the Hallowe'en Blog Hop this year. I am glad that I give you an excuse to blog! Love the spider's web and the spooky finish. Your display is great, especially the Snoopy characters. The cupcakes look good too.

  2. Nice Halloween finish. The lighting makes it extra spooky.
    Love all of your Halloween figures.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. I love your post! You have lots of Halloween goodness! Your stitching is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!

  4. Those cupcakes are awesome. and I love your Halloween Decorations. Love the Kitty in the pumpkin!

  5. thanks for the cup cake ... and love your wee decorations too :) love mouse xxxxx

  6. Excellent stitching and those cupcakes look fantastic!

  7. Wonderful decorations and I do love the cat in the pumpkin. Delicious looking cupcakes.

  8. Great photos! Love all your Halloween decorations, and especially the spooky moon, and your wonderful "Tangled Web" .... great lighting! Cleverly decorated cupcakes too!
    Thanks for the letter! Hope you had a fun Halloween!
    Barbara x

  9. A perfect Halloween post! The mummy cupcakes are great and the spider on your stitched piece shows up nicely.

  10. I only manage to visit the blog hop today!Lovely collection you have there!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. What a great Halloween post. I love everything on here, especially the spooky moon. Great shot.
    xo Alicia


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