Monday, 27 July 2015

Saving the best for last - My final excuse!

 So my ultimate excuse for not blogging?
Packing, storing, moving, and then packing, unpacking and moving again!
After many years of dreaming, planning, and saving, we moved out of our home September 2013, to move into a rental property for what turned out to be one year and one month. During that time, we had our house torn down, waited on county permits, and then had it rebuilt. 
I'd never really had a craft room before, just a desk with craft stuff in various parts of the house. But because we decided not to have a formal dining room, I was able to have a craft room.
So here it is, from start to finish.  

Yes, I'm a big kid, I love my toys! Nathan tries to tell me they're his, but I promise, they're mine!

Here are my mermaids, plenty of room to grow.

This is my latest piece, I bought her for $.25 at our church white elephant - I know she's a little dated, but I love her!

I didn't have any more room in my cabinet for dragons, so I put the fun ones on top. I'm so happy to have found Astrid and Stormfly!

And my favourite part? Spending time with friends! My stitching buddy, DJ, is a regular and I'm always happy when she joins me!

So enough excuses, back to the real world of a busy life, stitching/crafting, and blogging!


Lorraine said...

Good luck in your new old home! Looks beautiful.

Vickie said...

Oh what a neat video. Thanks for sharing it. A great space for you.

Julie said...

Wishing you lots of happy hours in your new craftroom, it does look lovely.

Linda said...

Your craft room is awesome Astrid.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great photos. I really love the big window, the light must be amazing.
I also liked the photo of you trapped behind all the boxes!

Debbie W. said...

Your craft room is awesome - and so is your video of its evolution! Will love to hear all about it at September's book club. Enjoy! :)

Maggee said...

What a great rebuild! Congrats! The big window is going to be so useful during the low-light months! Have fun with your stitching buddy!! Hugs!

Kaisievic said...

Your craft room looks amazing, how wonderful for you. Enjoy!

KimM said...

Love your photos - best wishes in your new/old home. I LOVE the mermaid!!!