Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Busy and some hodgepodge

Did you know that I actually have triplets?  At least when the boys are playing football I do! #3 looks just like them from the back.  Even the gmen's girlfriends get them confused until they look at their numbers!

I think they're all pretty cute!

They were feeling very generous, we even got a family photo.

Now it's Nathan's turn for them to support him at his flag football game.

Taking a moon break by the flag.

This was taken this evening during football practice.

It was just a little chilly, but nothing a blankie couldn't handle.  I even got to do some stitching on my pumpkin.

Nathan found a super power and superhero name for me...
Fast fingers is my power and you can call me Super Stitcher, I wish!  He is the Iron Kid, what a guy.

In house news, we could be moving in next week.  I can't even believe it.
A few weeks ago I came to see the kitchen counter tops and had a surprise.  The blue you see was actually supposed to be white and the white on the island was supposed to be blue.  Well, thank goodness they messed up!  The white is really bright and would have been way too much.  Divine intervention I say. 

My craft room is ready enough for me, it just needs to be touched up and cleaned.  I think I know what furniture is going in there, but it won't match and I don't care!  Bring on the stitching parties.


Vickie said...

Fantastic photos. Your kitchen does look great that way! yay.

Emma/Itzy said...

Lots of photos! The large window in your craft room is beautiful, if it was me I would have a big snuggly chair looking out...argh I am jealous :) :)

We are moving soon too..and possibly again soon after that...going to be a hectic couple of months for me also :)

RuthB said...

Wow -- they are triplets! Too funny. And I love how proud they look of their flag football hero.

Congrats on the house accomplishments-- and divine intervention :) Here's to your stitching space bringing you great stitching karma.

Linda said...

Love all the family photos Astrid. Those 2 rooms are gorgeous.


Sara said...

Always love to see pics of your kids, gives me a preview of things to come since our twins are here now too:). Love your kitchen and craft room. The counter tops were a happy mistake, I like them much better as they are too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The G Men look HUGE compared to Nathan, even without their American Football gear. I bet he loves them coming to support him.
And count me in for the stitching parties at the new house, just as soon as I can raise the air fare!

Julie said...

A wonderful family picture.
Your new craftroom is going to such fun!