Friday, 18 July 2014

A conversation with Master Nathan

Nathan spend some time with my parents this week and this is the conversation between my Dad, aka Opa, and 7 1/2 year old Nathan.

0pa:  Do you think there are fairies?
Nathan:  Well, I sort of guess there are as there is the tooth fairy, and you don't think my parents would take my teeth, do you?
0pa:  Certainly not! What on earth would they do with them?
Nathan:  Exactly....
(Please don't look in Daddy's box on top of his dresser!)

0pa:  How about Jack Frost, Mother Goose and the stork?
Nathan:  No, there isn't a Jack Frost, but we all have mothers so there is a Mother Goose. Everyone knows storks bring babies 'cos they're alive!  I'm still thinking about the Sandman, even though you didn't ask.
0pa:  I heard that when clouds knock into each other they create thunder and lightning.
Nathan:  Nope, it's all electricity.
0pa:  How do you feel about King Neptune and mermaids?
Nathan:  It's a myth...  
(No mermaids?  Whose child is this, certainly not mine!)
0pa:  Are there such things as elves and trolls?
Nathan:  Elves, yes, but we don't have trolls in America.
0pa:  How about unicorns?
Nathan:  I don't think so. And before you ask, we know about Santa Claus.
0pa:  We do?
Nathan:  Yes, 0pa, everyone knows there is a Santa Claus.
0pa:  I never doubted for a moment...  For which I received a big understanding smile from Nathan.
0pa:  Could there be witches?
Nathan:  No!
0pa:  Why not?
Nathan:  There just isn't.  I don't believe in them!
0pa:  Do you think there are dragons?
Nathan:  No.... Wait a minute. Yes, there are dragons.
0pa:  Why?
Nathan:  Because the only way the Welsh got their flag was the battle between the two dragons.
(THAT'S my boy!)
0pa:  Angels?
Nathan:  0f course there are angels!
0pa:  Why do you think that?
Nathan:  Because they are God's helpers... For my trouble I received a pitying look as if to say, "doesn't he know anything?"

Dad, being Dad, sent this to family and friends which pretty much means it's been around the world!  Here's another question for Nathan from a friend.

I loved "A Conversation With Nathan."  Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful young man and a pretty good 0pa as well.
I wanted to know the answer to those questions for some time now. Do ask him about true love if you have the chance.
Love to you all, Carol
Well, I consulted the oracle about true love and hereunder his response:
Yes, I believe in true love as how could you love anybody else?
Thus, Carol's answer straight from the horse's mouth!! That kid is a trip and answers so seriously and gives every question his full attention.



Justine said...

Well I'm glad to have that sorted! Please let me know when Nathan has decided about the Sandman. He's my favourite.
What a smart young man, and a smart Opa too!

Shebafudge said...

So pleased I finally have a definitive answer to all these questions.

cucki said...

Aww so sweet *•*

KimM said...

Oh, so sweet. I look forward to more conversations with Nathan and Opa :)

Maggee said...

That was fun! From the mouths of babes! :)

Vickie said...

ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! God bless them both. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great Q&A session! I remember when my son was very small and he was talking about when he grew up he wanted to be a dinosaur hunter and a dragon hunter. Then he said "but Mum, are they really real?" "are what really real?" "Dinosaurs, are they really real?" I explained that they died out years ago so all we have are their bones. But how cool is it that he never questioned the existence of dragons?
He's my son alright.
BTW he decided to be a dinosaur hunter during the week and look for dragons on his day off "because they live in the same sort of places".

Linda said...

I love it Astrid. Kids say the cutest things.


Jan said...

OMG! That is just too cute. I'm not sure I agree with him about the mermaids, but I know he got the dragons right.

DJ said...

Geeze! Now I know I've been asking the wrong people for all my I know I need to go to the boy of knowledge!!

Julie said...

What a wonderful conversation, such a bright boy.