Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I found one!

I finally found a stitching shop in Alaska!  We were in Juneau today and there was a smallish area of cross stitching within a quilting shop.  It was just what I wanted, all Alaskan goodies!  This was the shop, Changing Tides.

Some of what they had...

Since we had seen two bears earlier that day, I thought these were perfect.

I loved the way this looked so I had to have it!

I really liked these as well, but maybe next time.

All for now, my phone is driving me crazy and I'm sure the 4G will be gone soon since we're sailing away from Juneau.  


Vickie said...

How neat that you found a shop! And so very, very Alaska.=)

Jennifer Shelby said...

what a find!

DJ said...

Love the bears and the Alaska patterns! Can't wait to see them in person!! Hope I get to see pictures soon...not to mention your smiling face. Miss you!!