Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Lost Treasure, Found!

My Dad sent me the pictures from our visit on Valentine's Day, here's my Mom and I.
Mom, are you still reading "These Hands" every day?!  (I think she liked it!)

My older brother came in from Louisiana for a visit that week.  I don't get to see him often enough and I wish we lived closer to each other!

Ah, cousins!  My nephew was able to come too, such a sweetie. 

Another version of triple trouble!

This is a piece my Dad found, stuffed in a corner of a desk drawer in the basement.  My Mom made this way back in 1981, he couldn't believe it wasn't damaged.  So he cleaned it up and went and had it framed.   I love it, she did a great job!



wilma boer said...

A special treasure!

Jennifer Shelby said...

so glad your dad rescued it from the basement drawer!

Linda said...

What great pics Astrid. The cousin in the middle with the blue T-shirt reminds me of Harry Potter. Great looking kids. The stitched pieced your mom did is gorgeous. Hard to believe it survived in a drawer for so long. What a wonderful gift your dad gave her.


Nicola said...

Your Mum is a gifted stitcher. I am so pleased that her sampler has come out f the drawer. Lovely family photos.

Claire L said...

How fortunate the stitching survived and in such good condition too, what a find! And I agree with Linda, your nephew does rather resemble a young Harry

Anne said...

Came over to see your blog! Lovely! How wonderful to have family come to visit! Your mom's village stitch is beautiful! Glad you found it! :)

DJ said...

Sorry I'm so far behind in my blog reading...looks like you had a fantastic time at the lake!! So glad you got to see your Brother, your family and your friends. Looks like a good time was had by all!! Loved the pictures in the previous sure find fun ways to spend with your family!! Hope to actually see you soon! *Hugs*

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh my gosh, Daniel Radcliffe is your nephew! I bet he's heard that a few times!

Love your mum's stitching too, lovely to have it on display again.