Wednesday, 14 November 2012

November TUSAL, Birthdays and a Give-a-Way

Sadly, I didn't add much to my TUSAL glass, so there isn't much to see.
But this picture IS something to see!  DH's Nana gave me this print from their printing company and I wanted to get it framed.  I love the nutcrackers and the colours are so bright.  So as a birthday present from DJ, she framed it for me - doesn't it look great?!  Thanks again DJ, I love it and I think it will be staying up year round because I don't want to take it down!

My "baby" Nathan just had his 6th birthday and it was Iron Man all the way!  He wanted an Iron Man cake and I thought I could make a full size one using my astronaut pan, but that just seemed like a lot of work really hard and I couldn't find any good pictures online.  So instead, I enlarged a picture of his head and made a template of it for the 11x15 cake.   
  Then I got to colour.  As long as you don't look too close, it looks great!
  But it really didn't matter because Nathan loved it!
Happy Birthday Nathan, we love you sooo much! 

Don't forget about the Bead Storage give-a-way, I'm planning on choosing the winner this evening with the help of my assistant.

But it won't be these guys, they're too busy snuggling.


Parsley said...

You did a GREAT job on the cake! He looks so happy.

Those kitties...too cute. I'd snuggle them even if I did sneeze. lol

Nicola said...

Well done with the cake, such fun having little ones and making their birthday's special.

DJ said...

Great job on the cake! Happy Birthday Nathan! I must have had a memory lapse, or had too much going on, sorry I missed your birthday little man! *hugs*