Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Moon TUSAL for May! Mom's home!

Finally, it's May and we've got those flowers! Although tonight it's supposed to go down to 40... brrrr/grrrr!

 I thought I would show off our azaleas and of course, my dragon glass - I had hoped I would have more in there.  At least I can say I didn't have any froggies visiting me!

The bees have been going to town on our azaleas... and we've got quite a few for them.  The colours have been amazing, I wish they would stick around the whole summer.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait for some roses.


 2011 New Moon Dates: January 4th, February 3rd, March 4th, April 3rd, May 3rd, June 1st, July 1st, July 30th, August 29th, September 27th, October 26, November 25th, December 24th

 And look who's home, My Mama!  She still needs some out/patient testing for her throat, but is very happy to be home - and so is her "baby"!  Thank you for your prayers, please continue since she's not quite herself yet.

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DJ said...

Still praying for your Mom!! Hope she's feeling better soon. Did you have a good Mother's Day? Hope the guys pampered you good! Will see you 9:30...same bat time, same bat channel! Can't wait! *Hugs*